Error when trying to create a Groupmaster in 1.4 OnPc (Windows)

  • Hey there,

    i tried to assign a group to an executor and the error message says: "illegal object: Assign Group 1 At Page 1.203".
    Is there a change with the assign structure in Ver. 1.4 i missed? Works fine in Ver. 1.3.

    It's the same when choosing the group via the executor object menu.

    Greetings, Fabian :)

  • I did test it under Windows 10 (64 Bit) with command wing connected and disconnected. Same Error.

    But with MacOS Big Sur Macbook Pro Early 2015 it works.

    So it might be a Windows-thing?

  • this seems to be a Windows only bug.

    plausible workarounds:

    1. Assign the GroupMasters on a non-Windows system, then load show on Windows computer

    (loading a show with already assigned groupmasters seems to work)

    2. Use Virtual Group-Masters

    - Swipey>EditOptions>Mode

    set mastervalue via the EditOptions' onscreen fader,

    or by selecting the group via Select keyword, and using a fader with the Master "Selected"."Master"

    or via commandline: FaderMaster Group xx At yy

    3. Use WorldMasters instead of GroupMasters

  • seems that it is possible to bypass this error by assigning the group-object via Lua, instead of commandline or GUI.

    Paste the text below into commandline or in a Macroline for later, and use whenever you need to assign a groupmaster to an executor on a windows machine running

    Lua "local gIdx,eIdx=tonumber(TextInput('groupnumber?')),tonumber(TextInput('ExecutorNumber?'));Cmd('As Gr %i A Ex %i',gIdx,eIdx);GetExecutor(eIdx).Object=DataPool().Groups[gIdx]" 

  • Hm, as I tried the Groupmasters with the mentioned workaround it seems to me, that the GM doesn't work for Fixtures with virtual Dimmers. I tried this with a simple LED Bar (after trying with another Fixture) with 12 RGB Pixels and the GM has no influence in 3D. I don't know how it looks like in "real life"... But in 3D, nothing happens to the (virtual) intensity...

    RUN DMX! With my MA3-Wing, Vizkey, and 2K onPC-Node. :)

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