Live Patch bug (I hope)

  • When leaving LivePatch with "Discard" some fixtures make a short but very visible Zoom-change.

    The fixture I noticed this on was a GLP X4 in Hires mode.

    Particularly strange after "Discard" I think.

    Anyone else noticed this?

  • Yes this is a known issue with v1.3

    Discarding changes when exiting the LivePatch is effectively the same as applying changes when exiting the (Blind)Patch:

    = initializing another setup than the one currently in use.

    Please retest with the next version (when it gets released), there should no longer be a Discard option when exiting LivePatch.

    In the meantime, avoid this issue by leaving LivePatch with 'OK' and not 'Discard'

  • Good point, but I don't really trust the Oops key yet on a general basis.

    You could also risk to inadvertently change the patch without noticing when later trying to Oops something that was NOT oopsable...

    I'm thinking I could live with a popup.

    Is there a Un-Oops ?

    Or a list to show what Oops will do?

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