DOT2 onPC scheduling

  • Hi all, I recently installed four moving head with a DOT2 Node4 and connected to PC.

    We set up some dummy cue for the DJ taking care of the venue to use. But recently the client is asking if we can make some of the light effects automatically run as scheduled and loop for say one hour.

    I think the DOT2 on pc program doesn't have such function, is there any solution I can utilize to make it work?

    My current idea is a virtual MIDI controller with some custom program scheduled in the pc.
    I'm totally not familiar with show control system, is there any professional hardware/software you would recommend for this occasion?

  • You can control the dot2 by sending a midi time code.
    I send the time code from presonus studio one (free version is enough) to dot2 via midi loop.
    It may not be an elegant way, but it works.
    Now you can play a song that is 1 hour long and loop it.
    : P