Custom Fixture Profile - Attribute Definitions keep resetting

  • I been working on my own media server profile to help with my style of workflow.
    I have laid out some feature groups and attribute definitions to help with encoder wheel assignments.

    However when i leave the patch and reload the show or profile or come back to reedit the profile I find that the attribute definitions resets every time. thus throwing my encoder wheel order out of wack.
    Also is there an easier way to select which attribute order you like to have other than order you select them under the feature column?



  • I've also noticed this as well.

    In the beginning I made a whack of macros like Attribute "ObjectFolder" to force the encoders to select the attribute I wanted, but recently I just started using the fixture window filtered to narrow the attributes down to only what the fixture uses and the header of name of the attribute to jump right there. There's always the smart window too.

    But yes this can be frustrating.

  • I always had this thing if the patch section didn't allow you to edit or make profiles well on the fly then why move any further .
    Reason I make profiles with a bit of customization, saves me from messing around when I just want to program.

    Much like any new app now a days there is always a period of release waiting.
    I have other consoles I can keep playing with while I wait.

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