Help with Custom Fixture Profile

  • Hi,

    I have a cheap 4 head fixture that i have created a profile for, it works in it basics but doesn't give me all the features that i thought that it would.

    each head has its own pan/tilt/speed(dummy for now)/colour.

    all of the features appear correctly when updating fixture into library, but i can seem to access the individual pan/tilt/colour and only a *master* for each.

    any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • You need to edit your Instance Array and this fixture should work with individual control of Pan/Tilt as you desire. When Patched, the Fixture will have 4 subFixtures, where N=fixture#101 N.2+N.3+N.4+N.5. If you select the fixture 101.2, you are selecting the first Instance Head, if you select 101.3, it's the second subFixture, and so on.... The .1 subFixture is the 'main fixture', so if you select that, you're selecting ALL of the subFixtures.

    All of your 'Head' instances have no Position Values in 3D space, so they all appear as a single fixture positioned at World Origin[0,0,0]. If you give each Instance in the array some mirroring X vector values[I'd suggest X= -.5,-.25,+.25,+.5] and when you Patch a New Fixture with these values, the render across the network should visualize the separate 4 Heads spread out across that range, plus a 5th instance, which is the visualization for the Main Module.

    Good luck!

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