Less Than and Greater Than

  • Hi.

    Have anybody tryed "less then or greater then" in MA3

    In MA2 I used it like this:
    [$song<=9] view 20$song /Screen=3

    [$song>=10] view 2$song /Screen=3

    This is to call a veiw to a screen

  • you don't need conditional expressions to do this on a gma3

    Assuming you have properly set the variable $song as an integer, the following syntax should do the necessary math to achieve the same as your gma2 conditional syntax does

    SetUserVar "song" 9

    View 200$song /Screen "3"

    OK: View 209 /Screen "3"

    SetUserVar "song" 10

    View 200$song /Screen "3"

    OK: View 210 /Screen "3"

  • Thanks!