Assign grandmaster to level wheel

  • So, I don't know if there's a way to do this, but it would be extremely helpful. I work at a church and we often have to use the grandmaster to dim everything for videos. But both the grandmaster on the screen and the little knob it's assigned to are kind of clunky and don't allow for super smooth fades. I was thinking it would be so helpful if I could assign it to the level wheel, but to my knowledge there is not a way to do that. Hopefully I'm wrong and someone will point out here lol and if not maybe it will be considered in future updates... Thx!

  • While I don't think you can assign the grandmaster to the level wheel (though it would be handy for those of us who rarely use it) you can assign it to a 60mm executor through the Master > Grand > Master on the Object page. Not idea but better functionality if you need to use the grandmaster often.

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