General help in the usage of MA3 wanted...

  • I'm looking for someone who will help me getting more familiar with MA3. The best would be to work in a real meeting. But via phone call and an onPC-Remote-Session over the Internet would be helpful too. I want to learn from someone who knows much more from MA3 than me. I can work with it, but i want to learn how to structure the show file, how to build up a show and how to get the results i want.

    Oh, I know how to work with MA3 in the basics, but as I am switching from Chamsys there are many things still very strange to me and it costs a lot of time to find out what is going on. Maybe to work with someone who is working with the system more professional might be very helpful for me.

    Oh, and I had some contact with real and good professionals! But one who is really good in MA3 is to busy to have time, one is thinking about a workshop with more than one participant and another one is really a freak in MA2 (and is in good contact with Christian Jackson too) but even he is not having enough time for me and has got only a small experience in MA3. So I really found someone, but not really 'suitable' for my needs...8|

    I'm german and i live not far away from Paderborn - in Hannover. So if anyone would like to visit me (or let me visit him/her) or would like to have a long telephone call with me (in german please), i might be very happy later! ;) And I will pay for it too, if it is wanted.

    I'm doing (and did) the same in Chamsys if somebody asked and asks me for help, because I love(d) the consoles very much. <3

    And now I'm looking for someone who would help me falling in love with MA3, too! <3

    Please write me a PN if anybody wants to help me.

    RUN DMX! With my MA3-Wing, Vizkey, and 2K onPC-Node. :)

  • Ha!

    How do I describe where I live?

    Capital of Niedersachsen?

    Nah! X/

    Biggest city of Niedersachsen?

    Still not good enough! ?(

    Home of the EXPO 2000?

    There has to be something better! :/

    Not far away from Paderborn... Perfect! :thumbup:

    Unfortunately I'm more familiar with MA2, so can't help you with MA3.

  • ohyes! Fiets is wonderful! I can really recommend his seminars and i've done one so far! But i want it more specific and only for me.

    But Moe696: it seems we are neighbours! I didn't find out how to write a PN so maybe you write me one if you can?

    RUN DMX! With my MA3-Wing, Vizkey, and 2K onPC-Node. :)

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