Unable to Shutdown

  • This has happened to me a couple of times and I'm unsure the right way around it.

    On both occasions I ended up with a onPC window open that I can't Quit. If I press the Windows Red X or Alt+F4 the command line says OK:Shutdown but nothing happens. If I press the Power button on the control bar the command line shows OK:Shutdown /NoAutoClose but again nothing happens. If I open the Task Manager and end the root process onPC quits and restarts in the same state. If I End the Display Process the the application briefly goes "Not Responding" then comes back as it was.

    I tried ReloadUI, Shutdown and Restart but none of them allow me to successfully shutdown the console.

    I was able to use ProcessExplorer from Sysinternals to Kill app_system.exe or restarting the computer also works.

    Edit: I noticed once in this state, even if I'm able to close the application using ProcessExplorer If I open another instance I continue to run into the issue until I reboot the machine.

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  • So This has happened a number of times but this if the first time I noticed the error in the System Monitor

    I can still ping localhost so the stack seems to be up.

    As above killing the application causes it to just restart.