Hooking up / Session Grand MA 3 onPC to BOMAC

  • Hello, i'm using Grand MA 3 o PC and I would like to hook it up to BOMAC.

    I cannot create a session using the 2. or 10. Ip adresses. The on/off button in the lower right corner of the network panel doesn't turn green.

    Is there something I'm missing?


  • Hi,

    I'm just guessing now, but maybe network problem.

    Is there any chance for duplicated IP addresses in your network?

    The 2nd and 10th (What you mentioned), those are in the Interface list?

    Or the last octets of the IP address? (In my case those are the ...1, ...78, ...100, ...40) <-- This case what is your interfaces subnet mask?

    Do you trying to use this software?

    I'm a rookie...

    Sorry for the dumb questions :D:D:D Please be patient ;) I'm still learning.

  • Hi there,

    yes I'm indeed trying to use that software. I have the IP Adress in the interface list, but it creates a "IP 2" below the initial Ethernet IP. Is that supposed to happen. I cannot change the IP 2, its set automatically.


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