[Bug] GUI freezes in different scenarios on Dell optiplex 7440 aio

  • Hi,

    I used a GrandMA3 onPC 2K node in the past 2 weeks, with the onPC sofware ( latest), this PC and without command wing. So in most scenario this way I need to controll my playbacks thru the touch screen.

    I have 3 problem:

    1. In the past couple weeks I experienced sometimes the GUI of the program just freeze (all of my active playbacks and phasers still runs in the same time). I can't use my playback faders and buttons, or switch to other view, or anything (the default windows exit button working).
      This mostly happens when I'm on the playback window. And I need to restart the program to work everything correctly again.
    2. The base of the situation almost the same as above. I'm in the playback window and I'm doing my show... And this time I just lost the multi touch functionality on the screen. The only thing which can fix this, is the program restart.
    3. This is really similar to the previous. Just the outcome diffrent... All of my phasers stop and the program not respondig any input. I need to kill the process in task manager :(

    These 3 above appens 2-3 times in every 1 hour an only if I'm using the playbacks.

    I didn't find any noticable thing when the program freezing. (Maybe if I'm touch the edge of the playback fader, but not sure...)

    I can provide my showfile if it's necessary.

    I'm the onlyone, who found this bug?

    I'm a rookie...

    Sorry for the dumb questions :D:D:D Please be patient ;) I'm still learning.

  • Does the same happen with a blank show? Can but build up the show file from an empty show file and get into the same issues?

    Since that machine looks very close to the minimum spec, just make sure the system memory is not shared between the Intel HD Graphics 530 graphics and the 8GB of system ram. If they are shared then the graphics card, system memory or both could be below the minimum specification.

    You can check how much dedicated ram the intel graphics card has, or perhaps in the BIOS.

  • Hi,

    Thanks for the suggestions.

    It happened with 2 different show file at 2 weekend. I didn't tried with blank show yet.

    (Most of the time I prepare the show file at home in workdays on another computer, and at the weekend I just load them on the PC above.)

    I checked a memory usage both in Task Manager and in the MA3 software, and It never went above 3,5-4GB (it was same at both place). So well under the critical. The CPU usage under 15% all the time. Only the GPU is a bit high (30% in default, 70% in view where is 3D window). I did't checked the video memory so far, maybe there can be the problem. (But never before experienced lagging, or frame dropping, or any graphical problem. And when this freezing happening and I click on the Windows red X button the confimation window came up, just I can't choose between Save-Exit-Cancel.)

    I will check the memory share asap.

    I'm a rookie...

    Sorry for the dumb questions :D:D:D Please be patient ;) I'm still learning.

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