Filters in windows

  • It is very usefull to have filter options in some of the windows like seq tracking and fixture, but is it a way to change filter on the fly with a command instead of going thru the MA/mask setup each time?

  • Hi Axel,

    Something like this should do the job:

    To set the filter-mask of every Sheet on current (default) Screen to Filter "myfilter" (of the Default DataPool):

    Set ScreenContent Default."*Sheet"."*Settings" Property "Filter" "Default.Filters.myfilter"

    To remove the filter-mask of every Sheet on current (default) Screen:

    Set ScreenContent Default."*Sheet"."*Settings" Property "Filter" ""

    You can access specific screens and windows by their index.

    however as the index may change when you add/remove windows, this might be unpractical to use in a macro

    To set the filter-mask of 5th window on 4th Screen to 3rd Filter of 2nd Datapool:

    Set ScreenContent 4.5."*Settings" Property "Filter" "2.Filters.3"

    To set the filter-mask of a single specific window via popup dialog (5th window on 4th Screen)

    Edit ScreenContent 4.5."*Settings" Property "Filter"