Sequence on BPM (or tap sync)

  • Hi,

    I'm struggling to set my Sequence to BPM. I would like to use the speedmaster to step in the next cue in the sequence. I setted the trigger type to BPM on all my cues and assigned the sequence to a speed master. But if i set up the speed master and start to play the cue nothing is happening.

    Can anybody help me where I made the mistake? And how can this work?

    Thanks for help!:thumbup:

    I'm a rookie...

    Sorry for the dumb questions :D:D:D Please be patient ;) I'm still learning.

  • Oh, I think you 'doubled' it. So if You set the TrigType to BPM and then you set the Speedmaster to BPM as the Speedmaster, then the Sequence doesn't know what to do. I even tried around with BPM, but it seems as it doesn't work yet (because opening a sound window showed no BPM-Result in an earlier Verson of MA3 (i think it was 1.2 when i tested it). But if You use BPM as TrigTime and the BPM as Speedmaster so the Sequence will get the timing Information from two places I think. That might be the reason why nothing happens.

    Try to use Time as TrigType and the BPM as the Speedmaster. Then it might work and override the timing that is found in TrigTime in the Sequence.

    Triggering my lights bei Sound (or neither beat) is one of my most interesting things for the future!

    Or just use the BPM as TrigType and no Speedmaster. And open a Sound Window and choose BPM to see if MA3 really calculates the BPM.

    But maybe it works better if You use Sound as the TrigType and then "Bass" at "TrigSound".

    But as I am feeling still "in the beginning" with MA3, I didn't "play around" with sound a lot. I even found out, that louder Beats let the Sequence step two times instead of one wanted step. So You should use a limited signal or an "AutoGain" on the sound-input. But I don't know how i can get this "quick and easy" without a professional Mixing Desk or even an external Limiter.

    But as far as I know, many LightOperators are not using SoundInput for beatsynced shows. They often Use Tap or a Speedfader which shows the BPM and You can Match this to the speed of the DJs Software.

    RUN DMX! With my MA3-Wing, Vizkey, and 2K onPC-Node. :)

  • Thanks for your answer.

    I tried to set the TrigType to Time, this is not working that way, I would like to do, just continuously step on the next cue without waiting

    (as expected if I'm not setting up the time parameter). So the BPM can't override the TrigType.

    I need to dig deeper into the topic...

    I'm a rookie...

    Sorry for the dumb questions :D:D:D Please be patient ;) I'm still learning.

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