Fade layer ma3 onpc

  • ma3 onpc.

    By layer “absolute” I have make a preset color red.

    When I change the layer to “fade” I don’t see sec. In my fixture sheet and my encoders.

  • From the Fixture Sheet Settings window turn on "Layer Toolbar"

    You should see the time on the encoder regardless of the Fixture sheet layer display.

    In the fixture sheet if you want to see the name of the preset and the value, change the Preset Mode from the settings.

  • I have the settings the same ( see above) but in the elearning "grandma3 basic training preset 1(presets timing) " you can see seconds in the encoders and the fixture sheet. The fixtures shoult go in 3s. to red. But it don't go in 3 s. it goes in 0s to red.

  • Hard to know for sure based on the screenshot however a few things you could check.

    • First, you should probably be using as it is the current version.
    • Depending on when the issue happens it could be you master control settings ()
      • If you are running cues and they are all happening at 0 time it could be that the Exec Time is enabled and set to 0 seconds. Disabling exec time should fix that issue.
      • If it's happening in the programmer then you could have Prog Time enabled and at 0.

    • If you are making cues what does the Cue Duration show in the Sequence Sheet?
  • There are several ways to do so. One is to simply tap the title of that fader in the Master Controls window. If the little square in the top right is green, the master is enabled (so in Hoss's picture, prog time and exec time are currently disabled, while prog speed is enabled).

  • I wish there was a way to:

    A) Return Master Controls to default values per parameter.

    B) Set your own default

    C) Some indication when Master Controls are not at "default" on the command line.

    I say "default" because perhaps you have a set default of programmer time of 2 seconds with everything else at default, and you want some indication of when your configured default is not set (programmer time off for example).

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