Creating Fixture Profiles in MA3?

  • Hi there,

    Sorry if this has been asked before. Tried to search the forum but that doesn't seem to be a feature.

    I am just trying to create fixture profiles natively in MA3 and having a really tough time. I've searched around the Video Tutorials on the website, YouTube, and the manuals, and the process for doing this doesn't seem to be documented anywhere...? Am I crazy?

    Any resources you could shoot my way would be very helpful. I created my own profiles in MA2 a lot but this seems to be different enough that I'm stumped.

    Thank you!

  • In my opinion...

    The easiest way is to probably use the web based constructor from your description. Each level of construction has it's own Tab and follows a logical procedure from defining the Names, to the Models used, then assemble the Geometry, then config Wheels and DMX channels, very visual constructor. The only thing it doesn't do is render anything beyond the 3DS models and Rotational and Translational movement. Materials, No Beam, Strobes etc...that are on your fixture will not render as well, but the data parses with the 3DS files that are packed away in the format, very nice indeed as well as the Gobos in any wheels--they ride along with the models in subFolders.

    I've found some recent oddities with model alignment when parenting the fixture's hierarchy together from MA3 v1 to the version now released....v131, your results may vary. What GDTF file online generated that I created looks great in MA3 V1 but goes bonkers in MA3v131....


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