Current version of MA3 reading current version of GDTF

  • Is the current version of MA3 up to date and correctly reading the current version of GDTF? Inquiring minds...just don't know!

    I'm seeing parented Lens GEOMETRY objects that are aligned perfectly in the GDTF web builder ending up horribly offset in the current version of MA3 3D View BUT looking much better in V1.0 of MA3, but not completely aligned[did not document on site]. The BEAM objects are located correctly on it's Parent, but not the GEOMETRY meshes.

    Also, I'm seeing the visualizing FIELDS[from multiple Lens/Pixels] are not equal in size in the 3D View while the values for the Beam Field and Beam Angle are the same in the GDTF? Each end of a line of parented Beam objects have radically different size fields of light just next to them on the 'stick'/head GEOMETRY. Changing the value in Patch...does nothing. Also noticing that a 256x256 custom gobo bitmap is clipped by the diameter of the field??

    Below is a snapshot of the 3D View, notice each end of the much larger those fields of light are compared to the 4 in between them. Also notice the white rectangles mid beam....those are the Lens Geometry models that are perfectly placed in the web based GDTF builder, yet in this version of MA3, are so offset. In v1.0, the same fixture has the Lens GEOMETRY models nearly perfectly placed, just a small offset, perhaps 1 inch[24.5mm]. The Body of the fixture is out of shot...they are really offset?? Didn't document the early version's offset, was willing to call it, 'close enough', but these offsets are horrible.



    This was a small exercise in fixture building at GDTF from a Posters request for a conversion of some rando XML format knockOff. Pretty simple fixture, many parented Beams on the level above...?? coincidence/ be the judge!

    Edited once, last by Rex: Further observations corrected the evaluation as to cause. Gobo observation persists. ().

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