On MAtricks selection can't use value spread (ex.: On Color/Green=0 thru 100)

  • Hi!

    I don't know from the MA concepts, should this work, or not... I think it should, but please help me find out.

    OnPC windows verion

    Do for replicate:

    - add 30 RGB generic lamp

    - create group which contains all of them

    - Set MAtricks (xBlock=15, X=0 or 1)

    - set any parameters= 0 thru 100

    Thanks for help!

    Máté Zsólya (Mate)

    I'm a rookie...

    Sorry for the dumb questions :D:D:D Please be patient ;) I'm still learning.

  • I expected to apply the given value.

    Sadly it reads the first parameter from the given syntax then set the hole selection on that.

    ex.: color/green 0 thru 100 -> I expect to set the color on the MA trick selection from 0 thru 100 but it sets to 0

    I hope it clear. :D

    I'm a rookie...

    Sorry for the dumb questions :D:D:D Please be patient ;) I'm still learning.

  • Apply the range to what? The first set of 15 fixtures only? Or across both sets of 15? Or something else?

    Open up a Selection Grid window and watch it as you're adjusting your MAtricks settings.

    1. Fixture 1 Thru 30
      • Selection grid has 30 boxes in a row
    2. XBlocks = 15
      • Selection grid now has 2 boxes in it, because 1 thru 15 are blocked together, and 16 thru 30 are blocked together, as expected
    3. X = 0
      • Only the first box (fixtures 1 thru 15) are the sub-selection, and they will all act together
    4. At 0 Thru 100
      • There is only one selection point with fixtures in it, and all 15 are in it, so there can be no range applied

    If you want to spread your range across all 30 fixtures in 2 sets of 15, instead of XBlock = 15, try XWidth = 15. You'll see this creates 2 rows of 15 fixtures in your Selection Grid, across which your value range can be applied.

    EDIT - Looks like Andreas replied while I was typing this up. As he said, XGroup or XWing could also be appropriate depending on what exact look you're trying to go for here.

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