Bug: Sequence Sheet Weirdness

  • So, this first happened to me after I upgraded to MA3 V1.3. Basically I created a sequence with several cues, scrolled right in the sequence sheet to look at/edit MIB cues and then scrolled left all the way back. When I next hit the Go+ key, the sequence sheet automatically scrolls right over to the middle of the sheet. So I scroll it back all the way to the left, hit Go+, and the same thing happens again. It doesn't happen all the time though. Deleting the sequence sheet and then re-putting assigning it on the screen fixes the issue temporarily. But then (seemingly randomly) it starts doing it again. Super weird. This happened to both on my Compact XT and on my onPC software. Has anyone else experienced this? Not a major bug, but mildly frustrating when in the middle of programming...

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