Phaser Speed 0 Restarts the Phase

  • I just noticed that if I take a phasers Speed Layer down to 0 (or STOP as labeled on the encoder) it not only stops the phaser but also sets it to what I presume is 0° Phase (effectively restarting the phaser when stopped). Should this be the case or should it "Pause" the phaser when then Speed is set to 0 as it does on MA2?

    If I use a speed master on the phasers executor correctly pauses when the speed master is set to 0 BPM.

    Not sure if this is the intended operation since prior to changing the speed would move the phase along, but from to now it always resets the phase when the phaser Speed is set to Stop.

  • I have a similar problem to this. If i have an Speed Master Fader assigned to an Fader or Rotrary knob and set the Button to the Speed1 Handle "Pause" there happend nothing if i press this "Pause" Key. In my opinion this should pause the Speedmaster? Is this also a bug?

    The Problem from hoss is not fixed at the moment, right?

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