Cue Cmd to reference sequence it's triggered from?

  • Greetings, I'm trying to make a temp exec button that can cycle between two hits with every press. The sequence has off timing to emulate incandescent dimming after every "flash." The problem I run into is that "restart: Next" seems to be unreliable at best, and doesn't work when I hit the button within the off timing of the previous cue. To fix this in the cmd line of both cues I have "Load next exec 1.107." I guess my question is is there a way to not have to explicitly mention the executor number? something like' Load next this sequence" I'd rather not have to redo my commands each time I move my exec buttons. Another thought I had was perhaps we could have the rotary knob executor command functionality implemented for buttons as well? a button command similar to "Temp & load Next" would be perfect.

    I'd appreciate any insight you guys could give on how you would accomplish something similar to this.

  • Hoss, Thank you for the recommendation. Unfortunately "load next" by itself doesn't seem to work. However after reviewing the thread you linked it seem "load next sequence #" will work sufficiency for what I need it for. At least that way I shouldn't have to retype the command when I move it to another exec.

  • Ahh yes, that's because it does on the selected executor, my bad. Some time ago I has also wanted a "this" command and in that case the Default keywork worked, but not in this situation.

    That being said, I totally forgot about the change in restart behavior in 1.3.

    Might that work?

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