Individual timings off command did’nt work since the last update

  • hi guys,

    My individual timing macro’s didn’t work since the last update.

    group “name” AT preset 24.”name”

    Attribute ColorRGB_R + ColorRGB_G + ColorRGB_B + ColorRGB_W at fade $ColorFade

    Off attribute ColorRGB_R + ColorRGB_G + ColorRGB_B + ColorRGB_W

    Store preset ..etc

    So when i use the off command for the absolute attributes it wil also remove the fade timings now . Does anyone have an idea how I can fix this?

  • If I type the commands one at a time on the command line I notice a few things:

    1. Attribute ColorRGB_R + ColorRGB_G + ColorRGB_B at fade 10 seems to only the last attribute to a fade time of 10
    2. Off attribute ColorRGB_R + ColorRGB_G + ColorRGB_B + ColorRGB_W turns off the Absolute and Fade Layers.

    If you try Off Absolute If Group 1 that seems to work.

  • Thanks a lot! The command works, but now i have a new problem..
    I can’t merge the fade timings with a color preset.. The fade time does not change. How can i solve this?

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