Pool Window Items Break when resized in (regression)

  • So this happened to me a few times on during a show and I wasn't able to reproduce it until I had some time at home.

    So Let's say for example we make a Group window so it's only showing a single tile. We can store into that tile as expected by entering Store followed by tapping Group 1 as expected.

    Now if I expand the group window so it now shows 3 tiles and try to store into group 2 of 3 it silently fails. Can swipe or type the full command Store Group 2 into the command line but you can't press (touch, left or right click) the newly visible group.

    The only ways to get it working again is to either restart the console, or as I figured out this evening, store the view, delete the window and recall the view or simply swap between views.

    It seems to happen to all Pools and Preset Windows.

    Seems like a regression since it did not happen in 1.2

    I also ran into graphical appearance issues with single fixture Groups, but I never sorted out what was causing that yet.

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