V1.3.1.3 troubles with individual times of attributes and also troubles with relative phasers and multiple phasers speed modification

  • hello everyone.

    I have troubles with 3 common situations in light programming.

    1. individual times of attributes:

    Lets face the following situation. I am working on a sequence, i turn on fixture 1 at full, give it a color of red and store it as a color preset. I store that into cue 1. Now I change

    the dimmer value of fixture 1 to 50 percent, change the color to blue, store blue as a color preset, change the layer to fade and enter a individual fade time for the feature RGB of 10 seconds. I now store this as my second cue. Since my CueFade is 5 seconds and my individual time for RGB is 10 seconds, fixture 1 descends its dimmer value from full to 50 percent in 5 seconds and the color changes from red to blue using a duration of 10 seconds. so everything works fine.

    But now the problem comes along. I turn fixture 1 to green (this takes 10 seconds, maybe because I turned tracking to on), I store this green color as a color preset, but now the individual time of 10 seconds is stored into the preset too(altough I assigned a filter to my color preset pool which should exclude timing). When I try to switch off the fade layer to only have the green color active the fixture turn to blue again, so it is somehow impossible to switch off the fade times without losing the absolute values.

    To get rid off this issue, I have to switch off the sequence, select fixture 1, change its color to green, save the preset and then cue 3. I wouldnt call that a WORKLFLOW...

    2. relative phasers:

    I create a static position preset for fixture 1 to 10, it points at the floor and I save this information as preset floor 1. I create a second static position preset for fixture 1 to 10, it points at the ceiling and I store this information as preset ceiling 1. Now I create a nice symmetrical circle phaser(relative) and store this as phaser preset symmetrical circle 1.

    Now I store preset floor 1 into cue 1. I call my symmetrical circle 1(relative) preset and store it into cue 1 too. that works fine. now I call preset ceiling 1 and store this as cue 2, so I want that the fixtures keep the relative circle(tracking is on) but they should change the absolute direction from floor 1 to ceiling 1 but that doesnt work.

    I solved this problem by calling my symmetrical circle 1(relative) preset, integrate, click on the floor 1 preset and store this whole thing as new preset and into cue 1. same thing with symmetrical circle 1(relative), integrate, click on the ceiling 1 preset and store this as a new preset and into cue 2. I wouldnt call that a nice WORKLFLOW...

    Same thing happens with relative DIM phasers...

    3. phaser on multiple attributes:

    I have the following situation. Fixture 1 is running 2 phasers at the same time, for example phaser 1=P/T circle, phaser 2=DIM chase and this is stored in a cue. Now when I select fixture 1 and modify the speed of the DIM attribute in Phaser 2, it automatically changes the speed of the P/T attributes of phaser 1. To avoid that, I have to switch off the PAN/TILT feature to just store(merge) the DIM speed

    information...thats annoying...

    Is this whole situation my fault? Am I doing something wrong? Thanks in advance folks!

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  • While I agree that the current workflow isn't optimal, here's some tips that may improve your experience slightly:

    1. Individual timing:
    Rather than using Off in the calculator, which currently knocks out all Layers, try the syntax e.g Off Fade, keystrokes [Off][Time][Please], to only knockout the fadelayer

    2. Relative values:
    Absolute and Relative values currently doesn't track separately, plausible workarounds for your scenario could be to:

    A) run your relative circle from a second playback/sequence

    B) merge your circle-preset as an additional cuepart in both cue 1 and cue 2

    3. Multiple Attributes

    The encoderbar (for phaser-spesific layers) currently links all attributes with running phasers. This is useful for phasers across multiple features (e.g. a flyout with both dim and tilt) , but cumbersome if you want to only adjust some of the attributes that are running.

    Add a Filter Pool window above your encoderbar, and create a basic set of Filters, (only Dimmer, only Position etc.) to more easily limit which attributes the phaserlayer encoders are adjusting.

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