Rainbow Colour Effect Issue

  • Hi there,

    Wonder if anyone can help me, the other day I was doing some testing with some Martin TW1's when I ran the Rainbow Colour Effect the TW1's literally just cycled between Cyan, Magenta and Yellow?

    Is this a problem wit the Fixtures, Desk or the Effect itself?

    Any advice would be great


  • Hi,

    I don't have such a lamp, so it's hard for me to check it.

    Does the lamp work properly when you use the color sliders (COLOR / FADER HUE SAT BRIGHT C M Y RGB Q?)

    Maybe wrong address or mode set?

    I read in the manual that some older devices need a special cable

    Manual page 14

    Some older fixtures have reversed polarity data sockets

    (pin 2 hot and pin 3 cold). Polarity is normally labeled on

    devices and described in user manuals. Use a

    phase-reversing cable between the MAC TW1 and any

    device with reversed polarity.


    U use Basic or Extended mode ?

    Maybe rainbow fx is too fast for this lamp - try set slower 10bpm for test

    your health

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  • Hi

    Yeah colour seem to work fine to be honest when selecting colours, the only thing I did find is though if ya wanted a bold colour like a red or a blue for example you always got a slightly off colour? I don't know if thats bulb related on the fixture though?

    I had all fixtures in extended mode and that's what the desk had them doing as-well

    All polarity was correct on the dmx so that was all okay

    Maybe it was I didn't have them running that quick to be honest, I have noticed though on some other fixtures that it does the same thing just cycling between the three colours and not using all of the colours.

    however though ran it on some Mac 250 washes and it works fine? its really odd I don't know if its the the desk or a floor in the fixture can't seem to put my finger on it


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