• Hi there!,

    If i create a pan phaser than i program a position for that phaser in the phaser editor as well. And if i turn on the phaser the movingheads go to the position from that phaser but not the the position i have turned on in my excecutor. Is there a way that there is no position stored in an phaser? So i can select my position up or down on my excecutors to get a other look of my pan phaser?

    Thanks in advance!

  • If you use Relative values in you phaser it should work like that.

    However, there is a small but strange change from v1.2 to v1.3 that seems like a bug to me.

    If you have a sequence with Position running when you activate Relative values also the current Absolute values are activated.

    (Even this seems like a bug to me but not what I was thinking of here)

    In v1.2 you can use OFF to get rid of the Absolute values and continue with what you had planned.

    In v1.3 using OFF on Absolute will also clear the Relative values! That means it is not possible to program relative values with a running sequence...

    If this is as intended I hope someone can explain the logic...

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