• Hi
    Since i can't find any post about the update on 3rd party visualizers, maybe I'm wrong, Parameter For Visualizer Statement . there's just no update on this announcement.
    I was wondering whether a software like is out anywhere?
    The Wyg to MA2 converter tool was a great tool to get a quick or massive design into MA3D when away from a beefy wyg machine.

    So yeah, if any one knows if Matthias Schöffmann is on this forum, can you @ him?
    Or if something like the converter tool is in the works please update me.


  • Little late to the party here but with some info.
    so Cast is working on a MVR as stated in this post they released in September.

    What's next for Wysiwyg.

    Any word on when the 3rd party visualizers will be implemented in MA3? I know it was a back burner item last year but with current situation I can see it as a forefront item with so many Ma3 users looking for ways to learn the MA3 software.

    The MVR will be a great addition to Wysiwyg when available or any 3rd party lighting app. But I still will be relaying on wysiwyg for my pre-vis over the MA3D. I just don't like the output of MA3D. It doesn't have the same vision or output I wish to sell to my clients. It does have its use still (MA3D) for that quick on the spot onsite programming session or stage reference which MVR will help greatly in transferring a design between different platforms.

    The current setup of needing hardware to use 3rd party visualizers really only downgrades my decision to select MA3 at the moment. I'm locked to only so many parameters. makes it tough to prepare for a show or festival if it will be larger than what I have on hand or if it's over the MA3 onpc specs. That was a nice thing about Ma2, that I could work freely in on a laptop without the need of nodes or wings. kept my bus mates happy ;)

    This was an item I brought up to both MA and Act before I bought into the Ma3 line. just surprised it was pushed back so far on the list.
    It is something I see Ma and Act glide over as you did above. you did answer the MVR question but nothing on Hakkee first question on the status of 3rd party visualizers. Feels like MA is really wanting to lock users into using only MA3D for visualizing there designs.

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