Take care of your Groupmaster in Ma3

  • Executors are physical handles for the objects assigned to them, but the objects themselves are what control things. The most common thing is for Sequences, where you can manipulate them via the Sequence pool without even having them assigned to an Executor. But it is no different for Groups. If you swipe on the Group and choose {Edit Option} (or double-tap the [Edit] key and tap on the Group) you'll be able to change the GroupMaster level right there, even if it's not assigned to an executor. And you'll also see a level bar on the Group object if it's not at 100%.

  • I feel like this is such a more lovely way of working because it makes it very easy to automate turning parts of your show on and off with no chance of the fader being ‘bumped’ and suddenly the group is back on again.

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