Need help with onpc build

  • So I am currently looking for a computer for My MA2 onpc rig.

    I really would like to use an intel Nuc but I want to be future proof for my eventual

    move to MA3 on pc. The system requirements for MA3 onpc are much beefier.

    Do I need to be thinking about building a small pc that meets the specs(especially video card)

    or could I make a high end nuc or other mini pc work(they dont have a dedicated video card). Also it says you have to use

    6th gen or newer intel processor, but if the processor meets the specs why does the gen matter?

    I never use 3D on ma2 and doubt I will on MA3. I only use the layout view for visualizing. Any input is much appreciated.

    Thanks :*:*:*

  • Oh, i thought a lot about that an searched a lot to! There must be a thread about my thoughts inside this forum. Please search for it!

    The MA Support say (in very short wors): Much power helps much! SO don't by to small...

    I like the NUCs very much and had about 7 of them for different needs. But for MA3 i bought Gigabyte Brix Gaming VR PCs and i'm very happy with them! The biggest reason was the graphics card. Even if YOu don't use 3D MA3 will need a lot power! And my small NUCs make a lot of noise if i use some for MA3. But recnetly i had a DELL Laptop with Nvidia 9..something grafics which was 'breathing' very much to, But worked good with MA3. But it was a i7 7.. CPU and 16GB of Ram. I'm a bit sad, because i sold it to get a better one. But this 'better one' Laptop is getting really hot after a short time of work with MA3 and is throtteling the system very much. I'm looking for solutions to keep it at lower level. I'm wishing my 'old' one back! :(

    But very good is the Brix! Trust me! Even if you want to be prepared for Future! And search for my other threads about Screens and the right PC Solution for onPC!

    But it might be difficult to get one, beacause Gigabyte is not producing them anymore as far is a know...

    But is Space is not important, than You should by a PC with a real grafic-card (nvidia 1050 and up).

    RUN DMX! With my MA3-Wing, Vizkey, and 2K onPC-Node. :)

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