GrandMA 3 v1.3.1.3 | Removal of All Presets 4 & 5?

  • Finding all sorts of surprises with v1.3.1.3.

    I had been storing my Phasers within Preset page All 5 (25)

    Updated software, and found that the buttons to add Preset pages All 4 and All 5 from the Add Window menu are missing in v1.3.

    Thankfully I did have All 5 stored in a view and am able to gain access to them again that way, but... why???

  • Looks like if your All Pools have custom names it's not showing up properly in the list. If you set them back to their default labels they'll all show up in the list again.

    EDIT: They're still listed in the "All" tab of the Add Window dialog, though, even with the custom name.