Executor Configs

  • OH GREAT, when I open my shows in v1.3.1.3 all my Executor Configs are gone.

    If this is not seen by others maybe it has something to do with my non-default DataPool?

    This is on CRV light.

    Maybe it can be exported and imported? Edit: Turns out it can but what a hassle..

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  • I haven't tried loading an older show but it seems you can export using:

    Export <tap on config> or Export Configuration <index>

    That will put a <label of config>.xml in the \export of the current drive, so use Select Drive <Index Number> to sore it on an external drive.

    Then you can import it back by:

    Select Drive <Index Number>; Import Configuration <destination index> "<name of XML file without .xml>"

  • Thanks hoss, I managed to hack my way thru it.

    Turns out OnPC 1.2 does NOT put the file in the \export folder..

    Btw. I used export x thru Y and import library "xxx" from an old Andreas post (Thanks Andreas)

    I just hope the rest of the show is unaffected of this bug.

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