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  • Hello,

    can somebody tell me why the Console after the 11th. Update can't remember the Last User You Shutdown with?

    FOR E.G.

    I have my own Profile in my User, I have my own ScreenConfig, I have my Own Data Pool.

    Save Show twice Internal and Stick.

    I shutdown the Console with my User.

    I Boot the Console and the Console starts as Admin.

    Is there some Setting -feature to set which User start after Boot?

    Please Tell me not

    that is not implementet afte the 11th Update..

    Björn Friebe




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  • I think it's always done this, at least it was a issue all the way back in and

    I put the user profiles window on all the admin screens so after logging in I choose the correct user.

    onPC starting in 1.1 you could also run a plugin at startup that chooses the correct user, it's listed in Other Enhancements in the 1.1 release notes. while not ideal I'm sure it will be fixed in the future.

  • At first I had my own user but got tired of always changing at load show so I thought I stick with Admin and just import my User Profile.

    Problem is it doesn't remember last used user profile for a user either! So now I have to go in and change that every load show.

    I wanted to add this user profile window but I can not find it...

    Assume hoss refer to user window.

    Well it is one click faster to change profile from there so I will use it..

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