Fixture Attributes on Faders

  • Title is pretty much the summary of what I'm trying to accomplish on a MA3 commandwing in my church "Motorized executer faders for individual fixtures/parameters physically reflecting the state in which the fixture/parameter and allowing for manual adjustment following a cue change." Does anyone know how to accomplish this? I remember seeing this being mentioned in some announcements/demos of the console but I haven't seen much info on it in use/if it actually works. For those who may not understand what I'm going for, what I would like to mimic is similar to how digital audio consoles act when a scene changes, all of the faders for channels within that scene smoothly crossfade but allow for intervention throughout the duration of that scene being active.

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  • Hi,

    In summary, you need Fixture's Attributes on Faders(you could probably edit your Title/Subject to this maybe ?).

    This is not possible at the moment at least.

    There is a wish for ChannelPages to be implemented in gMA3.

    If this is implemented, then you could assign each attribute to an individual fader.

    FYI, in gMA2, this command did the job:

    Assign Fixture 1 Attribute Thru At ChannelFader 1.1

    The faders can then also replicate the actual value of the fixture, when you are running a Cue, etc, like you asked.

    Hope that helps!



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