Grid Positioning by drag and drop?

  • Hi,

    is ther e a way to Position the Fixtures in the Grid with something like drag and drop?

    To explain my "problem": I have an Elation Rayzor 760 (8 of them). This Lamp has 7 RGBW Pixels and 28 white "Sparkling" LEDs. ANd when I want to Position them in the grid as in "real life" it would be a lot of work, because i have to take each pixel and bring it to it's specific Place in the grid to let effects run over the Pixel from lamp to lamp later.

    Isn't there an easier way to position 8 Lamps with 7 and 28 Pixels (so 8x7x28 'Jobs by hand') in the grid?

    Oh, for a better understanding: the sparkling white smaller LEDs are positioned around each of the RGBW-Pixel (so 7 Pixel x 4 Sparkling LEDs = 28 Sparkling LED in each Lamp).

    Oh, an i know that there are a lot effects inside the lamp to help me doing some "Sparkling" over the lamps to. But i want to learn how to work with the grid. :)

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  • If you definitely want to position the fixtures in the grid, here is what works for me. It is not quite as simple as drag-and-drop but it is kind of quick.

    • Open a Grid window, and click or tap the first position that should get a pixel
    • The Select the fixture that should go in that place. If you have a group that starts in a straight line from this point, you can also select the group
    • Continue and repeat from the next position that you want a pixel to go, and then keep repeating.
    • Once you're finished, store all of this to a group and this will keep the grid information.

    Hope this helps!

    Stay Bright!


  • Yes, that's how it works. But if i want the pixels to be in the right place I really have to do it pix by pix...

    And when i finished this 'hard work' then i can only run phasers from left to right. Not from down to up or something similar. Si if i want a phaser to run from bottom to top, thena i have to build another grid. That's not nice... I think what might help here are some bitmap phasers. But this seems not to be implemented, yet.

    RUN DMX! With my MA3-Wing, Vizkey, and 2K onPC-Node. :)

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