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  • Hi everyone!

    I am trying to create an interactive effect editor which will allow me to edit and busk my phasers. Right now, i am starting to work on a dimmer Phaser. I want to change the "Form" of the Phaser by editing the Transition Values. However, I can't see a way to do this using only the command line.

    To edit steps in the Phaser, I can use the attribute Keyword to edit them in a Macro. Is there a way to also change the Transition, (Also the Phase, Width etc.) only using commands?

    I have tried to use the Set keyword and the Attribute keyword but haven't been able to make it work. Maybe i just have the wrong attirbutes which I am trying to edit, or maybe my entire process is wrong. Does anyone have any advice? Thanks so much!

    Stay Bright!


  • Hey,

    I´m beta testing my FX ColorPicker Plugin right now and I easily tricked the Software and put in some values via the "Set userprofile 1.12" command.

    To set the transition for the Effect I simply use the following command

    Set userprofile 1.12 property "Transition" "100"

    The same with "Width" "Phase" and "Curve"

    Maybe for your interactive effect editor you need to work with one of your All Pools!

    Store your effect to a Poolitem and update it with your new values.

    I hope it at least helps you a bit! When you have other problems with your coding feel free to contact me via direct message!

  • Hi Doubletap!

    Thanks so much! It works perfectly. I already am using the All pool for my effects, but i want to be able to edit my fx live.

    One more Question: is the syntax any different if you are editing a different phaser such as a position or colour effect? Thanks!

    Either way the dimmer Editing works brilliantly now, thanks again!

    Stay Bright!


  • Thanks Andreas!

    Another bit of information for anyone wondering:

    To change the selected attribute in the Stepcreator (for example if you want to extend this to a colour effect editor) the syntax is: Assign Attribute [1] At Stepcreator Property "SELECTEDATTRIBUTE"

    Where [x] is the number of the attribute which you can see in the dropdown list in the Stepcreator.

    Stay Bright!


  • For anyone who read this thread but don't want to dive deep into the commandline:

    The easiest way to automate the StepCreator is to use the StepRecipe Pool, which allows you to store and recall all settings of the StepCreator by a single poolbutton press.

  • Hi again all!

    I have contacted support and found the official keywords and applications, here is an example using Pan:

    Attribute "Pan" at Relative 10
    Attribute "Pan" at Fade 10
    Attribute "Pan" at Delay 10
    Attribute "Pan" at Speed 180   
    Attribute "Pan" at Phase 180
    Attribute "Pan" at Accel 10
    Attribute "Pan" at Decel 10
    Attribute "Pan" at Transition 10
    Attribute "Pan" at Width 10

    This is unreliable sometimes, which the support person has passed on to the dev team. However, as a workaround it helps to first select the correct layer, also using the same keywords (Relative, Fade, Transition etc.) All of this wirks very well for me as of version

    Enjoy making "Effects" everyone!

    Stay Bright!


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