Random based effects

  • What Daniel is saying you can use a random selection with the MATricks shuffle command in coordination with the phasers phase to make the phase of the fixtures appear to be random.

    There are a few ways to do this but, for example:

    • Make a Step Recipe with your desired dimmer steps (30% and 70%)
    • Now select the fixtures you want to use.
    • Open an MATricks window and press the Shuffle Button (we only need the XShuffle in this case).
    • Now apply your step recipe and it will appear to be random. you can adjust all the normal things in the phaser except the phase will not be across a random ordered selection of fixtures.

    Don't use this plugin (as I created it before the shuffle command existed) but it illustrates the effect that shuffle has on a phaser.

  • I think I understand what you mean sstaub

    Maybe you can make a phaser with many steps and different dimmer values (e.g. 30, 70, 35, 45, 35, 60.......)

    Then set transition for all steps to 0.

    Maybe throw in some different Width values too.

    If you then use random selection for phase it might start to look like flicker...with some luck...have not tried.

    Speed should be fast I guess.

    We do need a function for random or semi-random values. I hope they have some plans.

  • the shuffle is not really random.

    1. When i press shuffle, one random order is generated. This order will repeated every time until i press shuffle again.

    2. In the selection grid i see the pseudo random lights, but the 3D Window the shuffle order is not active (i see the unshuffled order).

  • That's how random works, The XShuffle property is basically a seed that chooses what random selection you will get. If you choose XShuffle 42 it will always be the same "Random" selection order.

    You won't see the random selection order in 3D unless you Next though the fixtures.

    We really need a Random Form so you don't have to mess with the selection order to get a "random" ordered effect, but truly random, non cyclical values.

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