• Hey Julien,

    currently you can only export the patch as an xml.

    You can see the information you need directly here, but this is just a workaround. In the future that should be possible again.

  • Hi Daniel,

    i have the same problem to get the patch to paper.

    Could you explain the steps, to export the patch to xml.

    I couldn´t find it in the net or help pages.


    bright greetings


    with bright greetings


  • There is likely another way but I have found this works without too much issue.

    From the patch windows you can use the Export button to export to an external USB in the folder grandMA3/export/<name>.xml However this seems to only export the selected fixture and if you select more then one fixture it makes an xml file for each selection. However you can use Grouping fixtures to export a number of fixtures in a single file.

    For example I have the following patch.

    Next you can select the grouping fixture and tap the export button, choose your USB stick and optionally give it a name (if you don't give it a name the file will be named after the Fixture name ( in this case group.xml)

    Once you open the .xml file you will notice a leaf for each fixture under the main Grouping fixture.

    Once you have the xml you can try importing it into Excel, but there are a number of issues doing this out of the box.

    Perhaps that's another little utility I could build if I ever get some free time again.

  • Hi Hoss,

    thanks for your fast reply.

    I tried it several times on onPC and Desk ,but the desk (and onPC) dont like me:

    illegal object and no xml file on my stick

    what could be wrong ?

    with bright greetings


  • My guess, (haven't tested) perhaps you can only export 1 group? Try encompassing groups 100 thru 1000 in another group and then only select that one group.