bump layout, MAtricks doesn't work.

  • Hello everyone,
    how do I correctly enter my MAtricks interleave in my macro comand line? I am working on a bump layout and most of it works quite well, but now I still have to get it working using a MAtricks interleave. I entered this in my command line: '' Call MatricksPool 1 At group 1; At Preset 21.1 ; Store /O Sequence 999 Cue 1 ''. (this is of course 1 command line in the 17 lines in my macro). it's not bumping and not with the correct interleave. I made an MAtricks pool and A selection grid but it doesn't work. I hope someone can help me.

    thanks in advance!

    I can send my showfile so if you want you can take a look why it doesn't works.

    My email is: quint.giesberts@gmail.com

  • MAtricks aren't applied to Groups in that fashion. Also, Presets ignore MAtricks - they apply information to the fixtures they same way the information was stored. I'm guessing you want the MAtricks to apply a phase range? Perhaps you could try something like this:

    1. Group #
    2. MAtricksPool #
    3. At Preset 21.1
    4. At Phase 0 Thru 360
    5. Store /overwrite Sequence x Cue y
  • Dear Ryan,

    I'm working on a bump layout so that I can work with different interleaves so that I don't have to recreate the groups every time. with this system i can bump with color, dimmer and every preset you want. its as easy as '' copy preset 4.1 at 4,100'' and store that to an executor. I do it this way so that I only lose 1 executor, this saves a lot of space and is ideal for me. I have added some photos to clarify it. hopefully you now understand what the intention is. if you can help me with this it would be much appreciated.

  • MAtricks simply adjusts your selection order. So what values do you want to be affected by how the selection order is changing? Delay values? It would be the same as my earlier syntax suggestion, replacing "Phase" with "Delay"

  • what I would like is that first 1/2 of the rig bumps red at Cue 1, for example, and that at Cue 2 the other half of the rig bumps red. I want to be able to adjust this to 1 / 3rd of the rig by means of 1 simple click. no matter what needs to bump. the matricks is only intended to be able to make a selection of fixtures from presets that will bump. it doesn't work at the moment and I would like to make this work. this already works on the grandma2.

  • Ah, I think I understand what you're trying to do. So, looking at your macros, there are a few issues.

    • As i mentioned, "Call MAtricksPool x At Group y" doesn't work like that. "Group y ; MAtricksPool x" is what you want there
    • You have a line that says "Assign Exec 331 /chaser=yes"
      • Chaser is not an MA3 property
      • grandMA3 syntax is "Set Object 'PropertyName' 'PropertyValue'", not "Assign Object /propertyname=value" which was grandMA2
    • Same syntax issue for the line that sets the SpeedMaster. Plus with Chasers not being a thing, you'll need to use Time/Follow cue triggers, and then would probably want a RateMaster instead of a SpeedMaster.

    There may be other issues as well, but that should get you a lot closer.

  • "Group y" = select the group of fixtures in question (e.g. Group 1)

    "MAtricksPool x" = apply the MAtricks settings stored in the desired MAtricksPool (e.g. MAtricksPool 1, which could have any combination of MAtricks settings)

  • Thanks it worked! Thank you verry much it had to be set to group 1 thru 5; MAtrickspool 1; at preset 21.1: exec 331 cue 1. Thank you verry much

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