bump layout, MAtricks doesn't work.

  • Hello everyone,
    how do I correctly enter my MAtricks interleave in my macro comand line? I am working on a bump layout and most of it works quite well, but now I still have to get it working using a MAtricks interleave. I entered this in my command line: '' Call MatricksPool 1 At group 1; At Preset 21.1 ; Store /O Sequence 999 Cue 1 ''. (this is of course 1 command line in the 17 lines in my macro). it's not bumping and not with the correct interleave. I made an MAtricks pool and A selection grid but it doesn't work. I hope someone can help me.

    thanks in advance!

    I can send my showfile so if you want you can take a look why it doesn't works.

    My email is: quint.giesberts@gmail.com

  • MAtricks aren't applied to Groups in that fashion. Also, Presets ignore MAtricks - they apply information to the fixtures they same way the information was stored. I'm guessing you want the MAtricks to apply a phase range? Perhaps you could try something like this:

    1. Group #
    2. MAtricksPool #
    3. At Preset 21.1
    4. At Phase 0 Thru 360
    5. Store /overwrite Sequence x Cue y
  • Dear Ryan,

    I'm working on a bump layout so that I can work with different interleaves so that I don't have to recreate the groups every time. with this system i can bump with color, dimmer and every preset you want. its as easy as '' copy preset 4.1 at 4,100'' and store that to an executor. I do it this way so that I only lose 1 executor, this saves a lot of space and is ideal for me. I have added some photos to clarify it. hopefully you now understand what the intention is. if you can help me with this it would be much appreciated.

  • what I would like is that first 1/2 of the rig bumps red at Cue 1, for example, and that at Cue 2 the other half of the rig bumps red. I want to be able to adjust this to 1 / 3rd of the rig by means of 1 simple click. no matter what needs to bump. the matricks is only intended to be able to make a selection of fixtures from presets that will bump. it doesn't work at the moment and I would like to make this work. this already works on the grandma2.

  • Ah, I think I understand what you're trying to do. So, looking at your macros, there are a few issues.

    • As i mentioned, "Call MAtricksPool x At Group y" doesn't work like that. "Group y ; MAtricksPool x" is what you want there
    • You have a line that says "Assign Exec 331 /chaser=yes"
      • Chaser is not an MA3 property
      • grandMA3 syntax is "Set Object 'PropertyName' 'PropertyValue'", not "Assign Object /propertyname=value" which was grandMA2
    • Same syntax issue for the line that sets the SpeedMaster. Plus with Chasers not being a thing, you'll need to use Time/Follow cue triggers, and then would probably want a RateMaster instead of a SpeedMaster.

    There may be other issues as well, but that should get you a lot closer.

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