"Update" Function Issue

  • Hi, I had a "update" function issue on V1.2.0.2.

    The updated "Phaser Value Preset" are not updated to the cue although Fixtures Sheet read out are still on the "Phaser Value Preset".

    I don't have this issue on V1.1.3.2, so did i miss somethings on V1.2.0.2 or I need to have some setting on the update?

    Please advise.

  • Hi Ryan, good day to you.

    Example, I have a cue with a color phaser (Red <> White) running and the color phaser are store at "color preset 4.1".

    Now i change the color phaser from (Red <> White) to (Blue <> White), after i done with the editing and press the update key, the color preset 4.1 are updated to (Blue <> White) but the cue are not updated, it still running on (Red <> White). On the fixtures sheet, the fixtures color value readout are still on "color preset 4.1". I need to reactive the "color preset 4.1" and store it to the cue again then i can get the updated color phase (blue <> white).

    On V1.1.4.2 after I updated the color phaser preset, the cue are updated also, but V1.2.0.2 are not. Not sure is this a new update or i missing somethings.

    Please advise.

  • Hi Snabbelicious, good day to you.

    Yes, I had use the "recast" function and it will update the cue.

    But if the preset are updated, why the cue are using the preset are not? Beside that i don't have any extra new active value added to the preset, by right after updated the preset, the cue are updated also, unless I need to "recast" the new value are not store at preset before.

    Correct me if I'm wrong.

  • Hi everybody,

    I checked this in v1.2.0.2 and for me it works as expected.

    With the Recast function you are right - you only need this when you added or removed new attributes to your presets. So with an update of a "normal" RGB color preset the cue update should work without the recast.

    foon: Maybe you can get in contact with your local distributor. It would be great to see why it does not work for you. Maybe you can attach a small video and/or a showfile with a description what you do....

    Thanks a lot :)

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