Jpg image into visualizer

  • Is it possible to import a jpg into the 3D visualizer? For instance, if I have a photo of a backdrop that I would like to place into the 3D world, can I do that? I know how to import 3D objects, but haven't figured this one out yet.

  • Hey Shayward,

    Yes this is possible. You can assign an appearance to a surface in the edit stage window (either by going through Patch>Stage>Edit, or right clicking on the stage button at the top of the 3d window).

    You would have to create a surface (which is not a 3d object, but a 2d plane) and change the dimensions to fit your backdrop.

    You can create an appearance with your image by first creating a new item in the image pool and importing your image. Then create a new appearance and assign your image item you just created to that appearance and voila :)

    Hope that helps.