OSC commands to control GrandMA3

  • I'm having some real trouble using OSC via TCP to run cues from another system The syntax as pointed out in the manual to control another GrandMA3 would be /cmd,s,{command} s signifies string as detailed int he manual

    The system is clearly receiving the message but i cannot get any action to happen on the GrandMA (onPC but the method should be the same right?)

    I can't understand what the issue is here.

  • Just doing a little testing and found that sending the command:

    /Page1/Fader201\00,i\00\00\00\00\00\32 via packetsender (this equates to /Page/Fader201,i,50)

    works via UDP but when I configure for TCP I get the following Error in the onPC System Monitor:

    If I send the same command via onPC to my desk, same thing, UDP works TCP does not (but no error in the System Monitor).

    I tried both Unicasting and Subnet broadcasts, and it only works with UDP.

  • Hi,

    If you are using TCP, you will need to establish a session with the gMA3 software.

    On Packet Sender, you can set the Persistent TCP to ON, this will establish and maintain the session as long as the TCP window is open.

    On other applications, make sure that the specific TCP port is open for connection.

    Are you able to use TCP port 8000 instead of 8035, by any chance?

    Usually, if gMA3 is receiving the message and the command is not executed, like Ryan pointed, it should be the "Receive CMD", but I see that's not your case.

    If possible, please send the picture of the full-screen.



    PS. I'm using v1.2.0.2

  • So a persistent connection for TCP is key and i have managed to do it from a number of ports (8000 gets crowded on large control systems)

    Thank you for your help

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