• Hey guys,

    I am currently in the process of creating an overarching phaser-size-fader and i need your help.

    I realize this with remote dmx input.

    What did I do:

    - Two virtual dimmer fixtures with the addresses 100.001 & 100.002.

    - Remote DMX input to the Sequence 500 & 501, fader "Temp", key "Go+". The two sequences contain a circle phaser and a tilt phaser.

    - Two more sequences for the virtual dimmer fixtures with dim=full. These are each assigned to an executor with the executor settings Playback Master "Playback 10".

    The first time everything works as desired.

    I move the Playback 10 to a desired value, activate the virtual dimmer executor and the phaser runs at the desired size.

    If I deactivate the executor and start the second one, it will also run at the desired size.

    My problem:

    Once I have done this, it will not work anymore and my moving heads aren't moving.

    I always have to set the playback 10 to 0, then back to my desired value to activate the phaser - sequence.

    Do you have an idea why this works fine the first time, but then doesn't work anymore?

    Because I can't upload a video in the forum, I have uploaded a video from my screen to my OneDrive.

    In the video you can see exactly what my problem is:!AtUjBBCswPysgd064PvcJznVeGcSNw?e=2ht49O

    Thank you and best regards


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