how to connect Capture 2019 and grandMA3?

  • Hi folks,

    I'm searching a way to connect visualizer Capture 2019 to a grandMA3 Light version. I've tried in the second rj45 entry, same range ip, same submask but the consol didn't see my laptop.

    And also thru a router, same result.

    With our OnPc and a wing no problem, it works instantly.

    Did I miss something ?


  • Is there an answer when you ping to the console?

    Is the router managed?

    No Firewall in the way?

    Does the console see the Laptop when you try to start or join a session?

    Does the Laptop (with MA3 onPC running) see the console vice versa?

    But sounds really strange what you found out...

    RUN DMX! With my MA3-Wing, Vizkey, and 2K onPC-Node. :)

  • Have you tried Mode=Unicast and destination IP = Visualizer ?

    That helped me.

    I also found it best to start Capture first but that could be coincidence.

    (My experience is with ArtNet)

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  • Up!

    For the OnPc, I'm using sACN and only Capture so it works,

    on the MA3 Light, I'm using sACN too, on the first rj45 to send DMX output to fixtures and dimming system.

    Can I use the second in/out rj45 to send sACN for the control of Capture at the same time ?

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