How to select all fixtures that is not zero, tog grab output into programmer?

  • Hi All, nube question! I have several cues running with static lights, dimmers, in several sequences on several faders, the old style console way. I would like to combine these into one que in a new sequence. Build looks on stage to build a theatre play. So how do I select all fixtures that are lit on stage so that i can record a new cue with the same values as I see in the output?

  • Take a look at the 'IfOutput' keyword. I was looking for the same (coming from Hog, looking for the live>enter function to select all lights that are not at 0% dim value). This is not entirely the same, but you can use this in conjuction with sequences or presets to select lights that are outputting.

    How you could use this is run the keyword on all sequences used in the show (all that have intensity values stored anyway):

    Code: Syntax
    IfOutput Sequence 11 thru 16

    This selects all lights that are not at zero, and are stored in those sequences. You could store this in a macro so it would be like an easy button press :)

    Hope that makes sense...

    Edit: this only selects the lights. It does not put the dimmer values into the programmer sadly.

  • I think what you're looking for the the "Look" option in the Store menu - this would store all dimmer levels, and all attributes for fixtures with dimmer above zero.

    ...except that this option doesn't work properly at the moment.

  • :) I'll just have to wait for that function then!, lots of other stuff to experiment with!

    Keep up the good work!