Invert attribute values

  • Hi everybody,

    is it possible to « invert » the value of an attribute in the programmer?

    for example:

    i have 2 fixtures groups

    I copy the programmer values from group 1 to group 2 (with AT function)

    Now I want invert the PAN of group 2 (for create a symmetrical position).
    how I can do this?

    In Gma2 I had created a macro with the command « attribute PAN at - * » but in the gma3 is not possible to use this fonction because the value of attribute PAN range from 0 to 100%.

    Thanks for your help.

  • Have you tried changing the encoder readout to Physical?


    Thanks for your reply

    Yes indeed with the encoder readout to Physical I can insert negative value.

    But I can’t find the syntax for invert all attribute PAN values

    On Gma2 it’s:

    attribute « PAN » at * -1 but this syntax doesn’t work.

    Any ideas ?

  • On gma3 (within the commandline), the asterisks (*) always represents a wildcard character.

    Use the percentage-sign (%) instead, to indicate a scaling value.

    e.g. (Assuming Physical readout is chosen)

    Attribute "Pan" At % -100

    would be the gma3 equivalent to the gma2 syntax

    Attribute "Pan" At * -1

  • thanks Andreas !

    the syntax work perfectly !

  • With v1.5, you can make this syntax more resilient, as the required readout (physical) can now be embedded in the actual command along with the scaling %-operator and the negation of the percentage-value:

    Attribute "Pan" At Absolute Physical % -100

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