Bug on MA ONPC (windows)

  • Hey all I installed the new, and I think there is a big issue.

    After I go through and configure all my Art-Net settings and save, the settings do not recall as I set them. It doesn't matter if I turn on setup mode or not, nothing saves...

    Also, under nodes all the options to delete, cut, copy, etc are greyed out, not matter what I do. I didn't have this issue with the older version, so Ive dumped and reinstalled the older version (

    I asked a few others on a facebook forum and they confirmed the issue as well. Where can I submit a bug report. This is a big issue for us as we only use artnet...

  • Aorus X570 Elite Wifi ATX Mobo. The video above shows my chipset fan sortof jumping in place when the PCH fan was set to "balanced" in bios and chipset was reading like 59 or 60 Celsius. Chipset fan revs up when I power on PC.

    I went to my bios and set the PCH fan to "high performance" and now it spins all the time (pretty sure it's still low RPM though, like 33%).


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