How to calibrate Faders on grandMA3 onPC Command Wing? (random flicker issue)

  • Hey everyone,

    I got an issue where 4 of my cmd wings faders flicker between values of 0.0 and approx. 1.2% when pulled down to 0%:

    Some more information on the issue and how to reproduce it:

    • It does not appear immediately. The command wing has to "warm up" for some hours before the issue actually occurs.
    • I have not seen this issue with MA3 v1.1.4.2 even after having the wing running for some hours. It first occured to me after having used the wing with v1.2.0.2 once, but then I was also able to reproduce the issue with the older verison on any windows pc I tested it with. (maybe firmware issue?)
    • When leaving the wing off for some time the issue does not come back as fast as if I am just restarting it.
    • Those last days were pretty hot. I had about 28° C in my room.
    • It's always only the same 4 faders as seen above.
    • When leaving the wing on for long enough the flickering kinda gets less frequent but the 4 exec faders are statically at 1.2% when the fader is pulled to 0%.
    • I left the wing running over night - next day in the morning it's 26° C in my room and the faders are back to working normally without any flickers and are at 0% when pulled to 0%! This strengthens the assumption that the outside temperature plays a role in this.
    • Cooling the wings faders with a cold pack temporaily lowers the temperature around the faders and thus temporarily fixes the issue ?

    My idea: It could be based on heat and the resulting resistance change of components which then triggers a readout error in the firmware? But funny that this only occurs on those 4 faders then...

    Is there a way to maybe calibrate the faders on a command wing to make this behaviour stop or must this be taken care of inhouse?

    Thanks already!

    Kind regards


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