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  • Hello,

    I don’t understand how to use the « Copy value » function available on last version.

    I thought that it allowed to copy values of one fixture to another fixture like the AT function on the Gma2. But I’m not sure because it doesn’t seem to work.

    Someone can explain to me what this tool is for and how to use it ? I looked on help but it’s not clear for me.


  • Hi Vince,

    no problem, there are different ways to do this:

    Fixture At Fixture:

    - Fixture 2 should exactly do what Fixture 1 is doing currently.

    - Fixture 2 At Fixture 1

    - Values from programmer and playbacks are copied from Fixture 1 to Fixture 2.

    Copy Value:

    - This depends on the 2 different active selections per user profile. You can change the selection at the top left corner in the MAtricks window.

    - Selection 1 has some values and you have a different Selection 2.

    - Change to Selection 2 and press Copy Values.

    - Now the values from Selection 1 are copied to Selection 2.


    - Fixture 2 should exactly do what Fixture 1 is doing in your complete showfile (or limited to some sequences, etc...).

    - Clone Fixture 1 At Fixture 2

    - Fixture 2 now behaves as Fixture 1 in the entire showfile.

    Copy/Paste Programmer:

    - You can find this option when you press the At button in the menu bar of the bigger screens on the left.

    - Have a fixture selection and press Copy Programmer.

    - Select some different fixtures and press Paste Programmer.

    - All Programmer values will be copied from the original to the new selection.

    I hope that helps :-).

  • Ok thanks !

    now it’s clear.

    and it’s possible to copy a value of one selection to another selection but inverting values of one attribute?

    for exemple I want to copy all the values into programmer from fixture 1 to fixture 2 but I want invert attribute PAN of fixture 2.

    Thanks for your help.

  • Hi Vince28, some small help for you about "Clone" key, "AT" key and "Copy" key on MA3 now.

    "Copy" key use to copy the Fixtures Information to others fixture like 3D position, DMX address...etc.

    Sync text will be "copy" 'source fixtures' at 'destination fixture'

    "Clone" key use to copy fixtures value to other fixtures value

    Sync text will be "clone" 'source fixtures' at 'destination fixture'

    "AT" key similar like "Clone" key but the command are different.

    Sync text will 'destination fixture' "AT" 'source fixtures'

    Hope this will give a bit help for you programming, cheers =)

  • dherderich  DanielK

    Clone without condition and copy/paste programmer will both include playbacks.

    The scope might technically be the Programmer but any playback values are grabbed before the transfer to the destination.
    In practical use I would not agree that scope is Programmer.

    What do you think?
    Is this an error?

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