Tracking and Parts

  • Hi foon,

    what you are doing here is the follwoing:

    In cue 1 you have a static dimmer value of 100% - per default this is stored in cue part 0.

    In cue 2 you have a dimmer phaser - per default this is stored in cue part 100, because of the preset pool settings.

    If you want to have both, the static and dynamic value in the different cue parts you have to enable "Allow Duplicates" for cue 2. This makes it possible to have the same attribute for the same fixtures in different parts of the same cue.

    Does it make sense?

  • Hi Daniel, it make sense for some attribute but not all.

    The picture is just a reference. The problem i have mainly is for position value.

    Example, if cue 1 part 0 I have a static position value (absolute) and I want to have a dynamic position value (relative) on cue 2 part 200 base on cue 1 static position value, but the cue 2 part 0 are not tracking the static value over to cue 2 part 0 and set the value to 0, so the result become the the dynamic value are base on pan/tilt 0 absolute value instead of cue 1 part 0 value.

    The only way for now i can make the dynamic value work base on the cue 1 static value is copy the cue 1 to cue 2 then add the dynamic value or active the position value (absolute) before add the dynamic value then store at cue 2.

    Not sure is this the way to work with, or i miss something.

    Personally I feel the part zero value should track over to others cue no matter others cue with parts or not. I feel it will be easier for us to manage the static value and dynamic value especially the time on the cue and cue parts.

  • At moment you're discarding the absolute value of cue 1 in cue 2.

    Try to do the phaser in cue 2 with relative values instead of absolute values. Then the phaser will move around the absolute position of cue 1.

    Hi dherderich,

    I'm sorry if my typing was not easy to understand but this is what I'm exactly doing but the result are no good. Let me attached a video for better understanding. Hope the video will help to understand more.

    Let me know if I doing something wrong or miss out anythings.

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