Change Speed in a Cue

  • Hi

    I want to change the Speed of my Speedmaster 1 to 95 BPM in a cue.

    I use the CMD of this cue: "Master 3.1 at 95". But then the Speedmaster shows me 240 BPM instead of 95 BPM. What's the correct syntax to set the Speedmaster at XY BMP?

  • Setting the Master using Master 3.1 at 95 effectively places the master fader at 95%.

    At first I thought the calculation was easy but then I realized it was non linear.


    100 = 240

    50 = 240 / 4 = 60

    25 = 240 / 16 = 15

    12.5 = 240/64 = ~3.75


    So in other works I have no idea, but there should be some way to set the BMP directly but if you type list Master 3.1 it seems to only store the fader value between 0 and 100

  • I believe currently a workaround is needed to set a speedmaster to a specific bpm value via commandline.

    Assuming you have upgraded to the newly released v1.2, this could be a plausible solution:

    1: Paste the following into commandline or create a macro, and execute once

    Lua "for i=0,240 do SetVar(GlobalVars(),'bpm'..i,math.sqrt(i/240)*100) end"

    2: Use the following syntax whenever you need to set a bpm-value:

    Master 3.1 At $bpm95


    If you want to remove the variables that maps bpm to percentage values,

    paste the following into commandline or create a macro, and execute once

    Lua "for i=0,240 do DelVar(GlobalVars(),'bpm'..i) end"

  • Thanks Andreas, you've always got helpful solutions.

    I didn't want 240 global variables; so rewrote this slightly to calculate & set the speed master as needed

    Make yourself a plugin called setBPM

    local function setBPM(display_handle, bpm)
        Cmd('Master 3.1 At '..math.sqrt(bpm/240)*100)
    return setBPM

    Which can be run from a command live with: (replace 140 with your desired tempo)

    Plugin setBPM '140'

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